On the Second Day of Christmas, the Students Gave to Thee The Habit of Leadership

...to Advance Sustainable Agriculture

Korto High student and Madame Dorbor scholarship recipient* Laura Sackie (above) developed a school project with an emphasis on food production."

Agriculture is the bedrock of society," she said. "A country that will not invest in agriculture is heading for collapse." In the effort to lead students in "producing something that would sustain humanity," she started a potato-growing initiative.

After launching potatoes in the marketplace, the students will add livestock and chickens to the plan.

*The Madame Dorbor scholarships are a partnership project funded by EHG with support from FCL, in the name of the late Awena Dorbor, FCL trainer and director of the Deborah K. Moore school in Liberia.

As we highlight 12 of this past month's project reports, consider how much your contribution catapults not just one child's strengths but the capacities of the societies in which they serve.

Please help sustain their efforts to foster a generation of true change agents.


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