Full-Circle Learners Apply Science to Promote Safe Water in Nigeria

Nigeria’s newly committed Full-Circle Learning schools have made great strides in a short time.

The fourth grade Heroes class from the Nikkie Foundation petitioned the head of their district's water supplier to provide boreholes.

While waiting for clean water for the community, they taught their science acumen to the people, advocating that they boil water to the proper temperature to sterilize it for safe drinking purposes.

Full-Circle Learners Apply Science to Promote Safe Water

Students celebrated traditional culture to advocate for unity in the Niger Delta after studying the habit-of-heart appreciation of diversity.

They decided to create an impact in their communities by showcasing the value of each different ethnic group and its heritage, emphasizing the values each group brings to the region. They invited all the chiefs and town leaders within the Delta State of Nigeria to their well-organized Cultural Day.

According to Full-Circle Learning’s on-the-ground coordinator, Harry Kennedy, one of the parents, also a chief, remarked that this was the first time he had attended a school event that addressed one of the biggest challenges people face in the Delta State. He applauded the teachers for their thoughtful ideas. Another chief added, “If we, as people, truly come together as one people, with our different resources skills and knowledge, there is so much we can accomplish….”