Full-Circle Learners Collaborate in Hangzhou

These children in Hangzhou China worked both independently and together to complete their projects.

Creativity, compassion and community service come together in many of the school projects, which value the concept of bonding as a classroom family, a nuclear family and a human family. Below, a girl presents a gift of a painting she has made, freely giving her creativity for a global wisdom exchange.

Teachers Celebrate Love and Learning

In 2018, Hanzhou’s Greentown Education hosted an international conference called Caring, Curious, Confident, attended by multiple nations. They followed up with a Philosophy conference at one of the schools, where teachers demonstrated the strategies and impact of Full-Circle Learning on students and sang “Love Brings Us Together,” the song they had composed a decade earlier to celebrate their international relationship with global partners. Preschool children participated in the demonstrations. Local Principals and Educators presented the lessons and examples.