Full-Circle Learning Leaders Change the World

Long-term Full-Circle Learning teachers influence the altruistic development of their global village through the work of their students.

Full-Circle Learning’s 25th anniversary community impact studies offered many examples. Those educators who began their careers as Full-Circle Learning teachers had watched a generation emerge with higher motivation, greater levels of academic achievement and commitment to civic-mindedness than their peers.

For example, Rancho Sespe/Piru’s Sugey Lopez (pictured in T-shirt given by parents) attracted the attention of her school district when a disproportionate number of middle school students with superb leadership skills had been incubated in her preschool and summer school classes. Her job promotion did not change her devotion to her neighborhood programs, where she continued to prompt teachers and learners to touch many lives in the broader community. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Stephanie Ochoa, (below), once a student of the school, had become a teacher and arose to serve as the new summer school director.

Fifty miles away, at Tarzana Elementary, elementary students engage in Full-Circle Learning activities throughout the school year. There, a 2017 19-indicator survey showed universal growth. In fact, all parents not only participated, but expressed that their children exceeded expectations for enhanced development in 100% of the 19 areas of social, cognitive, creative, motivational and moral growth.