On the Eighth Day of Christmas, the Students Gave to Thee The Habit of Truth Seeking

...to Bring Smiles to Communities

Wubu wants to be a journalist, so she founded the Club of Change Agents at her school. She says it makes her happy the more smiles she sees, so the club determines positive changes they can bring throughout their community. So many have joined that the club has already outgrown its space.

Truth-seeking and correcting an injustice in her neighborhood led to Wubu's passion for journalism, and yet Wubu would have been unable to attend high school at all without help from the EHG Fund and Full-Circle Learning. Together, they provide her tuition and uniform as well as the school projects and teacher training that give her a sense of purpose and help schools discover the role they can play in societal transformation.

You too bring smiles to communities by helping young change agents like Wubu.

As we highlight 12 of this past month's project reports, consider how much your contribution catapults not just one child's strengths but the capacities of the societies in which they serve.

Please help sustain their efforts to foster a generation of true change agents.


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