On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, the Students Gave to Thee The Habit of Love

...to Celebrate Love for the Human Family.

Teachers celebrated the love with a stirring song they wrote a decade ago, Love Brings Us Together. They discussed the role of teacher as altruist and the importance of teaching children how to love through cognitive, creative and process-based strategies.

The ideas sparked at a philosophy conference held this past month at the Greentown Yuhua kindergarten in Hangzhou, China. Demonstrations and descriptions of the Full-Circle Learning strategies applied over a decade were punctuated with the song, which translates in any language when you see the faces of the singers.

Meanwhile, across the globe, Ms. Montoe, a K-1 teacher in Monrovia demonstrated how she uses a family tree to continually bring children back to a sense of connection when teaching them to love to human family.

Love, after all, brings us together, from all parts of the world, in any time of year.

As we highlight 12 of this past month's project reports, consider how much your contribution catapults not just one child's strengths but the capacities of the societies in which they serve.

Please help sustain their efforts to foster a generation of true change agents.


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