Resiliency Unit Introduction

Enjoy relevant, purposeful learning. Follow the steps of the Full-Circle Learning model through a series of activities applicable for school or home use.

Lesson plans include links for broadcast or online classrooms as well as print options for classrooms or homes without technology.

Outline of Resiliency Unit

Teachers, parents or self-guided students can use this document to preview the elements and assignments to include based on available technologies.

Element 1 Introducing Resiliency – Support Materials

Experience the Sense It, See It, and Shape It steps to learn more about resiliency and rivers. Click on the video and use the printed materials to make a drawing.

Element 2 Show It – On the Conflict Bridge

Read about these water challenges. Have fun making a backyard bridge to solve the dilemmas.

Element 3 Storytell It

Click on the audio to listen to the story about the fish. Memorize it in your mind, so you can imagine yourself in the story whenever you like. Click on the document to read the story and see the picture. Name the names of new fish you meet in the river. Listen to the story every day while practicing resiliency.

Element 4 Gift of Rivers

Learn why rivers are so important to plants, animals and people. Learn what we can give back to the river. Learn how to help families keep our water supplies safe from disease. Watch, listen and read.

Element 5 Singing River Songs

Appreciate the difference between a dry riverbed and a river when rain has just fallen. Start a home water conservation project. Practice the song you heard at the beginning of this unit. Learn the words of the song here.

Element 5-B Singing River Songs

Talented multinational musicians tell a message of resiliency centuries old as students identify the habits needed then and now to meet the challenge.

Element 6 River Poems

Travel around the world to visit ten famous rivers with actors reading poems about them. Download the poems to see pictures, to read along and to answer the challenge questions.

Element 7 Share It - Ribbons of Rivers

Sharing information serves the people around you. It’s time to teach others all you’ve learned! Download here to find out how!

Element 8 Send It – Clay Pot Project

Honor those who store or carry water in your community —  and who have done so throughout history. Read about this fun idea, and then watch a video.

Element 9 Sustain It

Click here to meet the challenges of the future with resiliency.

We offer appreciation for this music video to composer Rómulo Castro, to the group Grupo Tuira, and to guest musicians Luke Wilson, Jeana Paul and Virgil Shaw, for the song "Invictos", from the album, "Multiverso" (2019).

Element 10 Glossary for Resiliency

Read these words before you begin. Review them after you finish the unit. Share new words with your family. If you use a word three times in a day, you will likely to remember it.

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