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SANAD, a project for Sudanese Americans in Southern California, held many cultural celebrations this year.  The students are learning from leaders such as teacher Marisol Rexach how to reach out to other members of the human family. A high achievement for the students was the realization that we can all learn from our global partners. Students had a chance to recognize the many ways love is demonstrated, both at home and in Sudan. They prepared a wisdom exchange project to try to better understand how we can advance our understanding of how various cultures exhibit the habits-of-heart.  Students were urged to think beyond our traditional manifestations of love and instead consider the many opportunities we have to demonstrate this habit-of-heart in a way that benefits all of humanity.

This particular page was the work of Reel Eltahir pictured here showing love by serving the mothers during the mothers' event. When asked, "What would you do to make the world a better place?"  She answered, "Stop racism.  One-by-one, a person can make a difference.  A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”

This page is from the love book entitled, Love Knows No Boundaries.  It was delivered to a school in Sudan in June, when one of our parents traveled there with her children.  We asked the Sudanese students, "How do you demonstrate love?"