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Girls often stay out of school to collect the firewood needed for cooking fuel  in Tanzania. These students at the Dinka School in Arusha practiced the habit of Oneness by teaching their community to make dung patties as fuel, to deter deforestation and let girls return to school.

November 15, 2016

From teacher Mr. Jared, at the Dinka School in Arusha Tanzania: “…We are really gaining a lot and enabling our learners to be part of problems solvers within our society.”
“We have had a wonderful experience with the solar cookers donated to us [in our dung patty wisdom exchange] by students from the US during the ethical exchange program of the full circle learning. Tanzania being between the tropics and in fact next to the e...

August 31, 2016

Travelogue: Tanzania - The Universality of Laughter: You step off the plane into the balmy night, your weary legs fail you as you stumble on the tarmac but a dark, unfamiliar hand offers salvation from certain humiliation on this foreign continent... 

Check out the compelling Oregon based Hood River News article about Full-Circle Learning in Tanzania. 

July 5, 2016

Teachers and students are already conducting inspiring projects after a brief period of training in Arusha, Tanzania, where 99% of families use firewood as cooking fuel. Girls are often sent to gather wood for fuel, which leaves little time for school. In addition to discouraging them from pursuing their education, this practice contributes to deforestation. Thanks to their Full-Circle Learning projects, children are now teach...

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