Tarzana Elementary: Schoolwide Professional Development and Habits-of-Heart Club

 A Legacy of Relevant Learning

Two students look up for the camera.Kids in class play a jumping game.

Tarzana Elementary School’s Habits-of-Heart Club has changed lives since 2001, supported the first few years through Full-Circle Learning’s fundraising efforts and then through the Mona Foundation and the Parent Teachers Association. The principal, Dr. Vicki Lee, shepherded the program for many years, until her retirement, and it continues despite pandemic conditions. A list of teachers made their mark, along with parent volunteer Consuelo Banderas. 

 The school serves as home to new immigrants from more than 40 countries. Over the years, Tarzana students have addressed the needs not only of local citizens in their diverse community but also people around the world. Above, students applied the habit of Unity to a service-based agricultural project. A few long-term highlights include: 

Integrating Character Strengths and Service-Learning

During a study of homes and homelessness, Tarzana students shared their symbol for Advocacy, an A that also replicates the shape of a roof.

 Tarzana students launched a tree-planting project on their school grounds. In the same year, they conducted a diabetes awareness fair, with health information and BMI checks for parents.

Sponsoring a march to raise awareness of the children around the world, the Habits-of-Heart Club helped purchase books and supplies for orphans after Ebola.

The Oak Park High Full-Circle Learning Club mentored Tarzana’s adopted grandparent visits for two years.

Students on the walk.A senior resident cherishes an adopted grand-child.A class of kids singing to medical researchers.Students in class making symbols with their armsA young student at an environmental project.

 Connections Across Generations

The Oak Park High Full-Circle Learning Club, led by Ben Winck, mentored Tarzana’s adopted grandparent program over two years of visits.

 The high schoolers also offered tutoring and support for environmental projects and charity drives for Tarzana Elementary School’s Full-Circle Learning program.

 Above, a resident far from her Israeli relatives cherished moments of bonding with adopted grandchildren of all ages, including Ben.

Above, second column, students sang to honor medical researchers in 2003-4 (left). They made plans to send supplies to refugees in 2019.

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