Teacher Resources

Mastery Ceremony Guidelines

Showcase community transformation projects and recognize your change agents and families for what they have mastered during the year. Plan early for a successful event with universal participation.

Schoolwide Evaluation Rubric

This tool for staff development will help you determine all the variables that raise student motivation and acheivement by first helping young change agents apply relevant academic and artistic skills and character strengths and actualize their potential in the communty transformation process..

Classroom Management Based on Group Self-Mastery Goals

Design your pacing plan in the summer, but save time to saddle up your classroom management plan to the same goals!

Explanation of the 13-S Steps

What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

After on-land training or onsite refresher course, download this form to brainstorm ideas for each new unit plan 

Download to collect information when identifying concerns that inspire community transformation projects

Blank template and completed example help teachers show they value process as well as content on major projects

Customize individually for the habit each student has mastered by the end of the year; or for students to each give their caregivers; or for  presenters and field trip hosts

A handy reference for planning your own learning units around the themes in each learning module

Self-Assess to Align Planning, Classroom Management Practices and Intentions

Aids reflection and planning as you measure progress toward personal and group goals.

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