Web Policies, Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Full-Circle Learning provides the information on the website on an “as is” basis as a service to users. We cannot guarantee the reliability of a virus-free worldwide web. Use of the site implies agreement with these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

  1. We respect your time and your privacy. Full-Circle Learning does not share the names or contact information of donors with advertisers, affiliates or other organizations, nor add you to regular communications lists without your permission.

  2. Should you choose to receive more frequent news of Full-Circle Learning projects, please contact info@fullcirclelearning.org.

  3. In keeping with United Nations Child Protective Policies, we do not share last names of children photographed. The stories outlined online give examples of work in the field that result from your contribution. Please contact us for permission to reuse the photos or stories.

Refunds and Deductions

  1. Due to the processing effort required and the immediacy of the need to supply funds to projects, donations are non-refundable, once received.

  2. Your donation is tax-deductible. You may verify the deduction with your online receipt or with the thank you letter describing the results of your contribution, which will include the 501-c-3 charitable organization identification number.

  3. Continual contributors receive a letter with year-end totals. Direct any questions to info@fullcirclelearning.org.