Full-Circle Learning 2017 Highlights
"Island Call"
Change Agents Camp 2017
Nevada Couny, CA

Slideshow featuring a selection of Full-Circle Learning schools from around the globe, and the projects they've accomplished between Summer 2016 and Summer 2017.

The EHG Fund Sponsors a School in Lesotho

Dance performed at the Climate Change Agents Camp 2017, to spread awareness of the impact of climate change on cultures and peoples where rising tides and storms are threatening extinction. Choreography and design: participants from Vanuatu. Vocalist: Kristin Barnes. Climate Change Agents Camp 2017, cosponsored by Nevada County Climate Change Coalition and Full-Circle Learning.

The EHG Fund helps fund the Full Circle Learning Center, as well as many other charities. The Client Services Manager, Lindsey Schurman is currently in Monrovia, Liberia, touring and volunteering at the Full Circle Learning Center’s school. We will be writing about all of Lindsey's adventures when she gets back, so stay tuned! 


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"March of the Hydrocarbons"
Climate Change Agents Camp
Nevada County, California
Interview with Dr. Teresa Langness
on KTLA Channel 5, Los Angeles

Interview with Dr. Teresa Langness on KTLA Channel 5 talking about the first initiative of Full-Circle Learning (then called Children's Enrichment Program) following the aftermath of the civil unrest in Los Angeles in April of 1992.  Full-Circle Learning celebrates its 20th Anniversary Year with 50 programs in 15 countries world-wide that are helping youth to become the change agents, helpers and humanitarians of their generation!  To support these programs, please DONATE or CONTACT US to find out how you might be able to assist.

Girls United: Haiti
Through Our Eyes: A Project of Full-Circle Learning, the Meridian Foundation and the United Nations
"Happy (Hoppy)"
Climate Change Agents Camp
Nevada County, CA
Ambassador's Class at Full-Circle Learning Academy singing "Gratitude" at Lake Shrine (Los Angeles, California) in honor of Gandhi's birthday
Tarzan, CA, Habits-of-Heart Club
Visiting Adopted Grandparents
Gabazi School, East Cape, South Africa
(near Mandela's birthplace)